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Movers Carrying Shelving Unit

 Whether the senior and their family are moving, need assistance in downsizing to allow safe "aging in place" or have passed away, Transition Connection can provide specialized services for families in transition including:


• Developing an overall move or "age in place" plan and connection with proper resources

• Organizing, sorting and downsizing including shipping and storage

• Arranging for the safe disposal of unwanted items through auction, estate sale, consignment & donation

• Interviewing, scheduling and supervise movers, professional packing & overall managing the move

• Pre-Transition program to slowly downsize seniors on Assisted Living or Senior Community wait lists

What We Do


Transition Connections will help you in all aspects of the actual transition. It all starts with a plan. Our team has years of experience managing the simplest to the most complex project plans.  From the initial consultation, creating floor plans, working with movers to schedule the move, packing items, unpacking and organizing at the new residence, assisting with distribution of personal belongings (selling, donating or shipping to family or friends), we are there for every step in the process. We have fine-tuned our process and can easily customize it for every client.


Advanced Planning Services

All too often Move Mangers are called when a sudden and urgent need to move occurs. Whether the senior has been on a waiting list for a Senior Living community for a couple of years and the call comes that there is an availability, or there is an unexpected injury or illness, this sudden need only adds to the stress of the transition. Transition Connections offers an advanced planning and de-cluttering service. Instead of waiting for the actual need to move, we start on a 6-12 month downsizing and decluttering plan. We will tackle one room or a even a single closet at a time to help decide what are true treasures and what can be disposed of. This slow-paced, relaxed approach offers seniors time to develop a level of comfort with the Transition Connections team as well as the acknowledgement of the transition they are going through. In addition, this approach provides more flexibility and time to find the most advantageous way to dispose of items in many cases enhancing any recovered value.



In addition to the move process, Transition Connections has developed a network of highly reputable resources in a variety of related disciplines that are needed by seniors during the downsizing and transition stages of their lives. We only work with partners that have a focus and understanding of the seniors and their unique needs and sensitivity to their issues.

Our partners include Elder Law attorneys for all facets of Estate Planning and legal needs unique to seniors. We have home repair and handy men, cleaning services, financial planners and real estate agents that have expertise with seniors.

These connections are what set Transition Connections apart from other Move Managers. It is important to us to provide the best quality and value to our clients throughout their complete transition, with focused attention on the special needs of the senior community.

We use a customized approach for each client's unique situation and needs. 
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