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Transition Connections, Inc. provides the highest level of service to older adults and their families during the home downsizing and relocation process. We minimize the chaos and stress associated with moving by creating and executing a seamless action plan, customized to the client's wishes. As a result, the older adult's move to a new living environment is celebrated and enjoyed - as it should be.

Our Process

Older adults making a transition have often not moved in 30, 40 or 50 years and need to downsize considerably. The organizational and physical tasks associated with planning and implementing such a complex move can be daunting for the entire family. If not handled properly, the transition process can be overwhelming and, quite possibly, detrimental to the older adult’s well-being.

The Transition Connections Process:

  • Initial Consultation

    • Initial Visit​

    • Proposal & Contract

  • Floor Plan

    • This is very important to help guide our clients in choosing items to bring to the new home

    • We measure of all items the client wants to keep

    • We recognize the need to keep 30-36” walkways in all areas

    • We use ¼" scale floor plan

    • Think outside the box - some of the best floor planning ideas may be new to you.

    • We discuss closet organizing systems to optimize space

  • Sorting/Downsizing

    • Use floor plan as guide/assist in selection of items to move to your new location

    • We tag items according to destination using a fine-tuned color coding system

    • We typically start in a spare bedroom or dining room, where the decisions are easier to make

    • This can be fun for the client to share fond memories as they find items that have been long forgotten

  • Packing

    • Transition Connections provides all boxes, packing materials, tape and labels needed

    • We use box labels identifying the contents of every box

    • Our packers initial each box packed

    • Our expert packers know what size box to pack each item to insure no damage during the move​

    • We pack rarely used items first and most used items the day before the move

  • Move Day

    • Before the movers arrive, we strip the bed and pack the bedding

    • ​We pack all remaining items (bed, kitchen, lamps)

    • We disconnect TV(s)

    • We pack up any refrigerated food into coolers

    • ​We assist the movers and oversee the move as needed

  • Unpack & New Residence Setup

    • We make sure our clients have place to sit if they are present during the unpack

    • We begin to unpack as movers are unloading

    • ​We breakdown boxes and bag the packing material as we are unpacking

    • We remove all the trash at the completion of the unpack

    • We review our unpack checklist and confirm all tasks have been completed

  • Liquidation and Cleanout

    • We make arrangements for auction, donation and trash pickup at the house once the move has taken place

  • Follow-up

    • We call the client to find out if they need additional help and discuss how they are adjusting to their new home

    • If needed, we remove any empty boxes that may have been left for unpacking later

    • We assist our clients locate items they can’t find in their new home

We provide a 2 hour free initial consultation to review your particular situation and needs.  Contact us now for a quote >> 
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